To Thine Own Art

About The artist

Laurie Woodruff-Mosher

Laurie is self-taught artist from the Madison area and a juried member of 14 South Artists.  Her watercolor paintings portray a heightened sense of reality, vibrant colors, and a mix of detailed and impressionistic brush strokes.   Laurie also delights in creating multi-media collages which combine her love of painting with images from poetry, literature, art, and metallic effects. 

In addition to following her passion as an artist, Laurie works as a Creative Consultant.  She facilitates workshops in watercolor, theatre, writing, and pursuing a life of creativity.  Her art company name, To Thine Own Art, reflects Laurie’s strong belief that we all have an inner creative self that calls us to “be true.”    Please visit the "Creative Consultant" tab to learn more.  

Greeting cards made with Laurie’s artwork are sold at in the Madison area at Coffee Bytes on University Avenue, Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie, and through ArtTree Distributors of Wisconsin.  

Prices ranges:  $20.00- $75.00 prints / $100.00- $500.00 original paintings.   Some matting and framing options available.  

Professionally printed note cards:  $1.50 each   Sets:   4 for $5.00 / 8 for $10.00 


“As a watercolor artist, I find a joyful, spontaneous connection between myself

and the paint, brushes, and paper.  The process is delightfully unpredictable.  

All nature intrigues me, and I seek to express the wonder and beauty

found in flowers, landscapes, birds, and butterflies.”